For years, there’s been a controversial debate between Colombians and Venezuelans over who came up with the famous arepas. Was it Colombia, with their traditional thinner arepa topped with queso campesino, or was it Venezuela with their thicker, filled with carne mechada, beans or the famous Reina Pepiada?
  • Recipe: Pabellón Arepa Toast

    The Pabellón is a staple of Venezuelan cuisine which can bring any Venezuelan back to his/her childhood in an instant. This recipe is perfect for when you want to show off your Venezuelan culinary expertise with your friends.
  • Recipe: Arepanini 🥖 🍅

    The Arepanini - an arepa and a panini had a baby - was invented by the amazing influencer and fitness blogger @fitnessfordummies_adc. She came home hungry and decided to create an arepa with whatever she had in the fridge to show her followers just how versatile her beloved arepas are, and so it was born.  Just as if you were in the best deli in Little Italy but with a lot less calories 😋
  • Recipe: Poached Egg & Avocado Arepa Toast

    Sometimes the simpler things in life are the ones that bring us more joy. That moment when you slice your poached egg and the yolk starts running through your plate, is absolute heaven… imagine your poached egg sitting on a mashed avocado, sign me up!
  • Recipe: Como hacer Reina Pepiada?

    Inspired by the famous “Reina Pepiada”, an arepa Venezolana recipe, we bring you the Healthy Queen. We are talking crunchy arepa, stuffed with shredded chicken, avocado, onions, and mayo. Trust us, this will become your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner.