Once upon a time...

My sister and I moved to the US from Venezuela, but something was missing that we just couldn't live without: OUR MOM'S FOOD!

These dishes can take a significant amount of time to make...

Thus, we embarked upon a journey to craft products that would be ready-to-toast while maintaining the traditional flavors from our country.

It's been an incredible ride!

Our journey began in the coziest corners of our own kitchens, where we personally cooked and delivered each box with care, fueled by relentless passion and tireless hours. Gradually, our creations etched their way into the hearts of more and more consumers and found their place on the shelves of renowned retailers!

And then we were selected amongst thousands to pitch our products on Shark Tank!

This achievement was a dream that always seemed impossible for us to reach! We had the opportunity to proudly present our culture and our products (including our beloved AREPA) which managed to captivate Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and even Mr. Wonderful himself!

We are on a mission to continue spreading the love for our Latin American culture ❤

At our core, we're all about celebrating the incredible richness and diversity of Latin American culture. Our heartfelt mission is to bring the essence of our food staples to the US, making them a familiar and cherished part of everyone's table!