• Hispanic culture in Hollywood: Encanto

    This massive hit was released in 2021 and “We Don’t’ talk about Bruno”, a theme song from its soundtrack became the first song from a Disney movie to reach No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1993.

  • TOAST-IT is on Miami's 17 Food and Beverage Players To Watch!

    The City of Angels may be known as health-conscious, but their ecosystem of emerging food companies is so much more than that. To see what other brands made it to the list read the full article on FoodBoro's website:

  • Arepas: The new growing trend in food - Find a restaurant near you to try them

    In honor of the International Arepa day we want to highlight the amazing work done by Ana Mercedes Pisano & Rodrigo Ascanio with their Areperas interactive map ( 

    By going on their website, you can locate pretty much every arepa establishment in the world (from restaurants, to delivery services, to food trucks). So the next time you are traveling and craving an arepa, you can go on their site and locate the one nearest to you.

  • What is an Arepa con Queso? - as seen on Encanto!

    When a BAGEL meets a TORTILLA An Arepa is a South American food staple commonly made with precooked cornmeal (Masa Harina) for a signature golden color and corn taste. They are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside...

  • Who invented the Reina Pepiada? - The Arepera Hermanos Alvarez

    Once upon a time, a family of 8 siblings and their single mother relocated from the Andean state of Trujillo to the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. In their effort to support the family, the two older sons, known as the Alvarez Brothers, opened a restaurant in Sabana Grande (a popular boulevard in Caracas).
  • Arepas vs. Pupusas vs. Gorditas

    All right all right! We know they seem pretty similar, but arepas, pupusas and gorditas are actually completely different from one another. Here’s why: Arepas Arepas are like bread in Venezuela and Colombia. They are made from a pre-cooked corn...