By Maria Fernanda Cabezas

Recipe: Arepanini 🥖 🍅

The Arepanini - an arepa and a panini had a baby - was invented by the amazing influencer and fitness blogger @fitnessfordummies_adc. She came home hungry and decided to create an arepa with whatever she had in the fridge to show her followers just how versatile her beloved arepas are, and so it was born.  Just as if you were in the best deli in Little Italy but with a lot less calories 😋 


  • TOAST-IT Chia Flaxseed Corn Arepas

  • Prosciutto

  • Pistacchio Mortadella

  • Ricotta Part Skim Cheese

  • Pesto

  • Cherry tomatoes 

We absolutely LOVE seeing you try different arepa recipes that we can share with our little community 😍

If you want to learn more about this amazing blogger visit her website