By Maria Fernanda Cabezas

“Venezuelans ARE arepas!” - Alejandro Toro, Master Chef 2016

Today we look back at that special moment when chef Alejandro Toro nailed this Master Chef challenge by making arepas that impressed world renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Christina Tosi and Aarón Sanchez.

For this challenge Alejandro took a risk and embraced his Venezuelan roots to prepare the simple Latin dish we love, arepas. He took it to another level by creating three amazing fillings: fish and shrimp, steak with mango sauce, and the classic “Dominó” (black beans and cheese).

For many years, Latin food was never thought of as gourmet or fancy enough to be presented at Michelin star restaurants and world cooking competitions. This mindset has started to shift however, as we see more and more Latinoamerican chefs presenting creative and amazingly sophisticated twists on classic dishes that their moms used to prepare for them at home.

We feel extremely proud of seeing arepas shine in this environment, as it shows how people from all over the world can drool over arepas as much as Venezuelans do🤤. Additionally, food is the international language that can help bring people from all nationalities together🙂🌎.

Cheers to all the chefs around the world for sharing a piece of their culture through food, and a special thanks to Alejandro for sharing the best of Venezuela through his magnificent arepas 💙

To watch the full video or his experience visit this link: