By Maria Fernanda Cabezas

Our Story

Hi #arepalovers!

As founders, we wanted to tell you a little bit about our story.
We are sisters, born in Venezuela and as you may have noticed we LOVE arepas. We grew up in Caracas and had a very happy childhood (we specifically remember eating arepas every day🤤); but six years ago we had to move to the United States for reasons outside of our control.

We missed our time-honored tradition of eating arepas everyday, but we didn’t have the time to cook them. We looked everywhere for a convenient and healthy alternative but we just couldn’t find it.

Five years later, TOAST-IT was born. We developed the first ready-to-eat arepa in the market using top quality ingredients that are good for you. As latinas, we are very proud of our heritage, and we dream to share the best of our culture with millions of people while advocating for a healthy lifestyle.
We hope you join us in this journey! we call it the #arepamovement