By Maria Fernanda Cabezas

Can the arepa become the next taco? 🌮

In the Unites States alone over 150 arepa restaurants have opened up in the last 10 years. The wave of over 400,000 Venezuelan immigrants that have come into the United States looking for new opportunities have spiked demand for arepas. The Venezuelan immigrant population has become the fifth-largest South American immigrant population in the United States, the Colombian immigrant population being the first.

The most surprising thing that has occurred, is that many people from other nationalities have given arepas a try and have really enjoyed them! 🤤

At TOAST-IT we are committed to keep spreading the love of arepas and providing a solution for a convenient, quick and delicious meal for not only Venezuelans and Colombians, but for people from all nationalities who have become arepa fans. And to be honest, who wouldn’t?

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We can do this! 💪🏽