By Maria Fernanda Cabezas

Recipe: Arepa Rumbera

The Christmas Recipes series has officially begun and we want to show you how to make an Arepa Rumbera:

As many of you already know, Venezuelans have a thing for naming arepa filling combinations with hilarious names. The legend says the Rumbera or “party girl” got its name because it was everyone’s go-to option for an after party snack. It is commonly made with shredded pork and Gouda cheese.


  • 2 TOAST-IT Corn Thins (Arepas)

  • 2cups pulled or chopped pork meat

  • 2cups Gouda or other yellow cheese


1. Toast your Corn Thins (Arepas) twice (or 5 minutes) on a toaster

2. Use a knife to slice open an arepa and spread a little butter on the inside. Fill with warm pork meat and cheese

3. Serve immediately.

Next time you have some leftover pernil try a Rumbera and let us know what you think!